RestorationAltes Rathaus, Potsdam

Restoration of the Altes Rathaus, Potsdam

Scope of Services

  • Preparation of shop and installation drawings
  • Cleaning of stone surfaces
  • Sealing of cracks
  • Partial consolidation of stone surfaces
  • Partial conservation of stone surfaces
  • Desalinisation of contaminated masonry structures
  • Patching of damaged areas with restoration mortar
  • Replacement of large damaged stone units by stone indenting
  • Production and installation of new stone elements
  • Renewal of joints
  • Documentation of restoration measure

Project Data




Architektenbüro Becker, Potsdam


Kommunaler Immobilien Service (KIS) Eigenbetrieb der Landeshauptstadt Potsdam

Project Duration:

2008 - 2010

Your contact

Sales restoration:

Sales restoration:

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