Bamberger Natursteinwerk has been especially committed to the restoration of historic monuments and architecture since the company was founded, and we have amassed a vast store of experience in this area.

Restoration work can include:

  • Cleaning with water, the JOS technique or dry sandblasting
  • Restoration of weathered areas
  • Use of stone filler (such as our restoration mortar Grasamit)
  • Stone indenting (piecing in of new stone)
  • Replacement of damaged stones
  • Joint sealing
  • Conservation measures

As work proceeds, we can, at your request, produce detailed damage mapping, mapping of measures undertaken, and other documentation.

All work performed during restoration measures is executed by our qualified staff. You can determine the extent of the work carried out. Close consultation with institutions involved in monument preservation will be part of every stage of the process.

Through our own production of natural stone workpieces in our plant in Bamberg, and our restoration and jointing mortar Grasamit, which has proven its worth over decades, we are in a position to execute even complex restoration projects with tight timeframes to the highest levels of precision.

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