Our internal planning and construction department can draw up plans in accordance with your wishes and the technical requirements of your project. If you wish, we can take care of the entire planning process, including the necessary structural tests and calculations. Our natural stone façades will be mapped out down to the smallest details, the dimensions of each individual slab will be determined, and a corresponding parts list will be drawn up on this basis.

For restoration projects we can create all the documentation required for each step: mapping, determining the scope of measures required, calculation plans and documentation.

As the monitoring of all ongoing work on the site will be in the hands of our experienced master stone masons, technicians and engineers, you can be assured that your project will be implemented exactly as specified.

Our headquarter in Bamberg and our Potsdam-Marquardt branch are both equipped with modern CAD workstations and all necessary peripheral equipment. Measuring tools including levelling devices and various lasers and 3D scanners are available.


In our plant in Bamberg, we have access to completely up-to-date production facilities and can work natural stone with the highest levels of precision and quality. Parts that have been pre-milled by machines are completed with time-honoured traditional artisan techniques.

Training young stone masons and stone sculptors in order to conserve the knowledge of this craft at the highest level has become deeply embedded in the culture of our company over decades. This means that we can produce individual pieces worked in natural stone, each of them unique, which will demonstrate their quality and beauty over the coming centuries. Technically correct work ensures that what we build lasts and is therefore sustainable. We are undaunted by projects involving extensive work in solid stone and large individual pieces.

Our production can implement every requirement and every idea. Therefor we can use – to name but a few examples – circular block saws, wire saws, bridge saws, stone-processing robots, calibration, grinding and drilling equipment, and auxiliary equipment for hoisting and other such tasks.

Before the finished work leaves our premises, a final quality check takes place, the dressed stone is packaged, and delivery documents are prepared.

Where building units are normed, our products are monitored in line with the corresponding DIN and EN-Norms and bear the CE mark.

Construction site management

Installing finished natural stone workpieces has always been one of our core competencies. We carry out all the setting work involved from installing natural stone façades to laying flooring, and we ensure that logistics on the construction site go to plan.

When historic buildings in natural stone require restoration, we have qualified stone masons, sculptors and restorers with an extensive professional experience.

Above and beyond restoration work on historical buildings, we have already realised the reconstruction of entire buildings in practice and demonstrated the feasibility of doing so in this day and age. We can assure you that our work is as true-to-detail and precise as that of our forebears, of course assisted by the most modern technology available. But still important for the outstanding artisan quality of a buildung is the professional competence of all involved in the building process.

Particularly with large construction sites, the correct scheduling of construction is key to the project being completed on time. Our site managers ensure that the appropriate arrangements are made and that our work is executed to the highest standards.