The company

Bamberger Natursteinwerk Hermann Graser GmbH is a medium-sized family-run company founded in 1965. Since then we have expanded to become one of Germany's leading companies in the natural stone sector.

Our range of services is exceptional: we quarry rough blocks in our own quarries, run our own planning and construction offices, process stone on our own premises, and are present on-site with our own staff during construction and restoration work. So, we can offer you comprehensive solutions from a single source.

In the implementation of your construction project, you will benefit from our detailed knowledge of the centuries-old art of stone masonry combined with unique technical innovation.

For instance, we were one of the first companies to embrace and implement automated machining of natural stone with industrial robots.

We operate 21 quarries in Germany where we extract high-quality sandstones and granites, and therefore we are able to supply suitable stone for the restoration of historic buildings and the conservation of historic monuments as well as for sustainable buildings with natural stone façades in modern architecture. With our own planning and construction offices, our stone processing facilities with state-of the-art technology, and our motivated and highly efficient team of stone masons, we can guarantee that your projects will be handled professionally.

We also take our responsibility for the environment seriously and pay attention to the conservation of our natural environment in our consumption of energy and in our quarrying and processing activities.

Above and beyond that, our company is active in the managing and the technical committee of the Deutscher Naturwerksteinverband e.V. or DNV (German Natural Stone Association) and exercises its influence to promote progress, quality standards and norms.

Whether you are interested in restoration, reconstruction, the construction of new buildings, the energy-efficient renovation of natural stone façades, interior work, landscaping or site-specific art, we can make your ideas reality.