About our quarries

At Bamberger Natursteinwerk, we run 21 quarries of our own in Germany where high-quality sandstone and granite for restoration work and new buildings is extracted. As the technical and optical qualities in our different quarries is highly variable, we can select the right stone for your specific project from a broad range of options.

If you wish to use a different natural stone, we can, of course, offer you any stone currently available on the world market. However, we see the use of locally sourced materials as the ideal basis for creating buildings which are valuable both in ecological and in economic terms.

When extraction ends or shifts to a new location, our quarries are re-naturalised), in close co-operation with local nature conservation authorities, in order to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum.

Work in our quarries goes on for only a few weeks or months throughout the year, depending on demand, and even during these active phases they represent valuable natural habitats. Our quarries offer such rare species as eagle owls, peregrine falcons, yellow-bellied toads, crested newts, lizards or various species of bats refuges of a kind that have become rare in our man-made landscapes. In this delicate balance between protecting nature and species actively while also maintaining the extraction licences, scientific expertise and well-judged collaborations with the relevant authorities and associations are essential – an approach we have pursued for many years.

Compared to other building materials, locally sourced natural stone has an excellent ecological footprint. Stone exists in nature in adequate quantities, and processing involves only the working with this existing natural resource. As such, stone compares very well to building materials which first have to be manufactured in complex processes involving high levels of primary energy consumption.

Our natural stone is extracted from the following quarries:

Mainsandstein, weiß-grau (white-grey sandstone)

  • Roßberg Quarry, 96151 Breitbrunn, Bavaria/Germany
  • Kellerbruch Quarry, 96151 Breitbrunn, Bavaria/Germany
  • Klaubholz Quarry, 96166 Neubrunn, Bavaria/Germany
  • Schönbrunn-Hermannsberg Quarry, 96515 Breitbrunn, Bavaria/Germany

Mainsandstein, weiß-grau, Hahnbruch (white-grey sandstone)

  • Hahnbruch Quarry, 97483 Eltmann, Bavaria/Germany

Steigerwald-Quarzit (light-grey sandstone)

  • Kammergrund Quarry, 96181 Rauhenebrach/Obersteinbach, Bavaria/Germany

Sander Sandstein (green sandstone)

  • Hermannsberg I Quarry, 97522 Sand am Main, Bavaria/Germany
  • Hermannsberg II Quarry, 97522 Sand am Main, Bavaria/Germany

Trebgaster Buntsandstein (brown-beige sandstone)

  • Trebgast Quarry, 95367 Trebgast, Bavaria/Germany

Friedewalder Buntsandstein (light-grey and pale-red sandstone)

  • Köhlerholz Quarry, 36289 Friedewald, Hesse/Germany
  • Hutweide Quarry, 36289 Friedewald, Hesse/Germany

Postaer Sandstein "Alte Poste" (yellow-brown sandstone)

  • "Alte Poste" Quarry, 01796 Pirna, Saxony/Germany

Neckartäler Hartsandstein (red and red-white sandstone)

  • Gaimühle Quarry, 64759 Sensbachtal, Hesse/Germany
  • Rockenau Quarry, 69412 Eberbach/Rockenau, Baden-Würtemberg/Germany

Leistädter Sandstein (yellow sandstone)

  • Leistadt Quarry, 67098 Leistadt, Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany

Bucher Sandstein (yellow-beige sandstone)

  • Buch/Bischwind Quarry, 96190 Untermerzbach, Bavaria/Germany

Roter Mainsandstein, Röttbach (red sandstone)

  • Röttbach Quarry, 97892 Kreuzwertheim, Bavaria/Germany

Epprechtstein Granit (grey, grey-yellow, yellow granite)

  • Schlossbrunnen Quarry, 95158 Kirchenlamitz, Bavaria/Germany

Kösseine Granit (blue-grey granite)

  • Pfalzbrunnen Quarry, 95679 Schurbach, Bavaria/Germany