Natural stone façadesHaus der Wirtschaft Südhessen, Darmstadt

New Construction of the Haus der Wirtschaft Südhessen, Darmstadt

The Haus der Wirtschaft Südhessen is located on the main road to Darmstadt in the southern part of Hesse and serves as office for the “Hessenmetall” association.

The façade was built with Mainsandstein, weiß-grau as a rear-ventilated curtain wall construction, which continues partially into the building’s interior. The structure’s image is completed with the same natural stone as the floor covering in the corridors and the entrance area. For more information, see “Flooring and Interior Work Projects”.

The Haus der Wirtschaft Südhessen received the “Joseph-Maria-Olbrich-Plakette” for exemplary architecture from the Association of German Architects (BDA) in 2013.

Natural Stone

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Natural Stone:

Mainsandstein, weiß-grau




Light-coloured, fine to medium-grained Semionotus sandstone from the Middle Keuper formation, Hassberge/Lower Franconia (Germany).

Project Data




planquadrat, Darmstadt


Verband der Metall- und Elektrounternehmen Hessen e.V.

Project Duration:



Scope of Service:

  • Provision of samples and technical support
  • Preparation of shop and installation drawings including statics calculations
  • Production and delivery of natural stone façade and flooring
  • Installation and fixing works